October 1, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The ONCE of the Canary Islands postpones the gala for the delivery of its 2020 Solidarity Awards – La Provincia

The ONCE of the Canary Islands has decided to postpone the call and the gala for the delivery of its traditional 2020 Solidarity Awards, given the health alert situation caused by the COVID-19.

Soon, the ONCE Territorial Council in the Canary Islands will announce the new opening date for the deadlines for receiving applications.

The ONCE Territorial Council in the Canary Islands had open the deadline for receiving nominations for the 2020 Solidarity Awards. If any candidacy has been received, it will be valid when the new date is announced, without having to send it again.

For this edition, the ONCE 2020 Solidarity Awards will revolve around the concepts ‘Equal for today and tomorrow’ and ‘Solidarity is the only option’.

As in previous years, the ONCE has created five categories of awards, which will be presented during a public event on June 10. On the one hand, the work of the institution, organization, NGO, or entity that stands out for its social sensitivity or for its long history or dedication to the social rights of the most disadvantaged will be recognized; A communication project – be it an article, a report or a program – that has highlighted any relevant issue for the disability sector will also be awarded.

Likewise, the ONCE will recognize the merit of that person from the Autonomous Community who stands out for his long career and solidarity dedication to any of the groups that are struggling to earn a place in society; The Company will also be awarded, preferably in the field of social economy, which has contributed significantly to the promotion and labor inclusion of those at risk of exclusion.

Finally, the Public Administration category that stands out for developing programs and projects within the prevention of disability, rehabilitation and inclusion, universal accessibility in all its fields and the removal of physical barriers, may be eligible for an award. communication and mental that promote equal opportunities for all.


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