October 29, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The ‘Off-plan’ program, by Televisin Canaria, analyzes the weaknesses that the coronavirus has uncovered – La Provincia

Out of planewill analyze this Thursday, starting at 22:00, the weaknesses that the irruption of thecoronavirusand thecollective lessons we should learn after the pandemic.

With a report titled‘To reset’, the changes demanded by afragile health systembefore this type of crisis, theabsence of protocols for correct digitization in educationas well as a necessaryreflection on caring for the elderly.

The program will also cover all the news on thede-escalation processin addition to the incidence that this lack of confinement could have in a possible outbreak of the virus. An incident that is causing an unprecedented economic crisis in the Canary Islands that already has 255,000 unemployed and more than 230,000 workers affected by ERTE.

Given the seriousness of these figures, FOut of plane will analyze the measures that the Canary Islands intends to implementto alleviate the situation along with the changes that companies and workers will have to carry out to overcome this crisis.

It will also offerthe transformations that will take place in the field of technology, a sector that has acquired great power and that can provoke tensions in aspects such as the right to privacy versus control of the virus.


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