April 17, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The most viral Arrorr that invites us to stay at home – La Provincia

The Tenerife violinist Ana Alonso Gutiérrez has made a video go viral while doing one of his performances: the famous Arrorró by Teobaldo Power, Whose melody along with the lyrics and adaptation of the musician Benito Cabrera became the Anthem of the Canary Islands since 2003. The young woman leans out one of the windows of her house every day and performs different pieces such as the aforementioned melody so dear to Canaries, accompanying the hundreds of neighbors who, like her and the rest of the Spanish people, are forced to be confined at home to avoid the spread of contagions by the coronavirus.

The young woman received, how could it be otherwise, the ovation of those who leaned out the window to listen to her. During the performance and at the end of it, the neighbors gave him a loud ovation while others intoned Cabrera’s heartfelt lyrics: I am the shadow of an almond tree; I am a volcano, saltpeter and lava. Spread over seven rocks the pulse of my soul beats.

But Terrified It is not the only piece that Ana Alonso is performing these days. This Wednesday he wanted to liven up the day with El Oboe de Gabriel, from the soundtrack of the movie La Misión, by Ennio Morricone.


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