June 19, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The message of the rector of the ULPGC regarding the impossibility of giving face-to-face classes this course – La Provincia

The Rector of the ULPGC Rafael Robaina it sends a message of optimism and serenity in the face of the decision of most universities, and among them those of the Canary Islands, do not resume teaching activity and continue it online before the crisis by coronavirus that we are suffering.

Rafael Robaina indicates that it will be essential “a necessary university reorganization“with the agreement of the different University Centers and that” the Spanish university has enough experience to carry it out “.

In the video he answers two questions; On the one hand, to the extent of prolonging online teaching “to be realistic” because “with a very significant number of students it was unrealistic for the authorities to allow us to resume face-to-face classes”.

Regarding practices and exams, “each University and even each Center of each University must handle the situation and prepare a necessary instruction on how to approach the end of the course.”


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