Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The 'Liga Esports HiperDino' launches 28 new tournaments for quarantine - La Provincia

The Canary League of Esports HiperDino, the first regional gaming circuit powered by the HiperDin chainOr, continue your online tournament and activity plan to entertain all canaries during confinement. Total, more than 28 new tournaments have been held since this situation occurred, in addition to the regular competitions that were already active. This translates into more than 1,800 new places offered, so far.

The League is increasing its efforts to add new competitions every week and add more games to its regular catalog (such as FIFA 20 Pro, Smite or Pokémon Showdown Clubs). Likewise, has opened a direct channel for users to submit their proposals and tournament requests, in order to carry them out and cater to your tastes and preferences.

The campaign, named #CuarentenaLCES, integrates online tournaments of the most popular games: League of Legends, Fortnite, FIFA 20, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, TFT or Rocket League, among others. These are free competitions and with different prizes, in which the only requirement to sign up is to be a resident of the Canary Islands.

The objective is to provide a different leisure alternative in a safe environment, such as the platform, and with established schedules that guarantee adequate time for video game consumption. In addition to fun and dispersion during the alarm state, values ​​such as online socialization, sportsmanship or teamwork are also promoted.

#CuarentenaLCES It is included within the gaming activity offered by Canarian Esports League HiperDino, which already brings together about 9,000 users from all over the Archipelago. It contains activities designed for all types of players and profiles, including minors (with the prior consent of the legal guardian and in those games whose recommended age allows it).

The Canarian Esports League HiperDino will continue to increase its offer of new activities in the coming days. People interested in participating can register and expand information on the website:


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