Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The Islands register the worst day of the virus with five deaths in one day – La Provincia

Canary Islands premiered the second week of quarantine due to the health crisis with the worst daily balance in terms of mortality from Covid-19: five new deceased, who place the Islands with 16 deaths, according to data from the Canary Islands Government Health Department. With 557 cases counted until yesterday monday, 76 more than Sunday -the increase from Saturday to Sunday was 67–, the Archipelago breaks the trend of new cases that had been recorded in recent days, a sequence that, as health authorities have warned in recent days, was expected to occur, and that surely will go to more in the next days.

The increase in the number of fatalities has gone from five to 16 since last Friday. With an incidence of 21.32 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the numbers in which the Archipelago moves due to the coronavirus continue to be below the national average. As data, yesterday there were 462 deaths related to Covid-19 in the whole of Spain, the highest number in 24 hours since the pandemic broke out, which already accounts for 2,182 deaths throughout the country.

According to the data of the Regional Government Health Ministry provided yesterday, and which corresponded to Sunday’s closure, with the 481 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus registered, some 172 patients required hospital admission, of which 32 were derived to the ICU, there were seven discharges and 11 deaths.

As for the deceased, according to these data and in the absence of specifying the five new deaths on Monday, 10 of them were in the elderly or elderly and one in a 34-year-old woman with previous pathology. According to Health, all the deaths, without going into the detail of the last ones, have occurred in people of advanced age or with previous pathologies; a 34-year-old woman, four women between 62 and 78 years old, a 77-year-old man, and three women and three men older than 80 years.

By islands, Tenerife was still at the head of those affected by the coronavirus with 293 accumulated cases, 31 more than on Sunday; Gran Canaria with 135; La Palma with 21, Fuerteventura with 18, Lanzarote with 9, La Gomera with 3, and El Hierro, 2. Remember that among the affected population are 93 infected health workers, 62 women and 31 men.

Among the 172 people admitted to Gran Canaria are two pregnant women, one of them in serious condition. According to Health, the patient in the worst situation is the woman who was admitted this Saturday to the Maternal-Insular Hospital complex of Gran Canaria, 44, and who remained stable at the time, while her baby was in good condition.

Delicate health

The state of health of this pregnant woman worsened yesterday, as confirmed to Efe Canary Islands Government Health sources. In addition to this pregnant woman, another woman in her 30s who is also expecting a child has been admitted to the aforementioned hospital complex in Gran Canaria. The health status of this second woman is not serious, but requires her hospital admission, the sources have indicated, who have not offered more information about these two affected by Covid-19 out of respect for their privacy.

In this regard, the Maternal Infant yesterday set up a zone in the Neonatology area for the care of pregnant women with symptoms of Covid-19.

On the other hand, and as regards chronic patients, the Canary Health Service announced yesterday that it will automatically renew treatment plans for chronic patients, as a consequence of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and as long as the state is maintained. alarm.

The measure comes into effect today, Tuesday the 24th, and with it it is intended to avoid the displacement of patients to health centers, and to avoid the collapse of telephone consultations for the renewal of treatments. The patient may withdraw his medication with the health card at the pharmacy even if the treatment plan has expired.


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