July 5, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The health workers infected by coronavirus, without professional discharge – La Provincia

The Social Security You are treating coronavirus health care infections as a common, non-professional illness as published by El Mundo. The health sector has denounced it and regret that the support they receive every day from the population from the balconies does not extend to some areas of the administration “despite the constant effort they make to stop the pandemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus

Precisely, these facts already a nurse from the Canary Health Service (SCS) reported it that tested positive for coronavirus, in a video that he shared in social networks. The professional not only denounces the lack of resources and regrets the high percentage of infected toilets in Covid-19. The cumulative number of health professionals affected in the Canary Islands at the close of the statistic on Tuesday, March 31 – and released this Wednesday, April 1 – is 277, 20% of the total accumulated in the islands.

The Canary health tell your experience and report your employment situation. And, he says that his contract ended while he was on leave after testing positive for coronavirus, but that it has not been treated as an occupational disease as the Government decreed.

“It turns out that I am positive, that I am with coronavirus, that I have had a terrible time, not only physically, but psychologically. There are many who have surely been worse than me because this disease has attacked them more, sure, but they have a bad time, gentlemen, it is difficult to see that they take you to the hospital and not know if you are going to return, to see your son again, so that the shit of Canary Health Service I sent you INSS without information, that the INSS tell you that your doctor has to put occupational disease and that Public Health and Occupational Health tell the doctor no, that here in the Canary Islands they are ruling to put us all as a common disease, “he says in the video. “Not only do I have to worry every day about how I feel, but I have to be at home every day fixing the damn papers because the Canary Health Service, Primary Care, has left us all behind We have had eventual contracts, “he adds.


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