Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The EBAU will be held on new dates: the Canary Islands wants to do it in the first days of July - La Provincia

The 2nd Baccalaureate students will carry out this year the Baccalaureate Assessment Test for University Access (EBAU) between June 22 and July 10, as agreed by the national government and the educational representatives of the autonomous communities.

Within this date range, now each Autonomous Community will decide which ones apply in their field, since, as is known, the tests are carried out in three days. In the Canary Islands, the universities and the autonomous community are inclined towards dates located in the first days of July.

The framework dates within which the EBAU will have to take place between June 22 and July 10, in the ordinary call and before September 10, the extraordinary call. The qualifications will have to be ready before July 17 for the ordinary call and before September 18 in the case of the extraordinary one. It has been decided to also delay the deadline to register, so that the allocation of places cannot be made before September 25.

It has also been agreed to modify the model and the content of the tests in order that the students are not harmed by not having worked in class any block or blocks of content of any of the subjects.

There are three of the changes that have been debated in the framework of the Sectoral Conference on Education, which has been carried out by videoconference and have been chaired by the Minister Isabel Celaá and the Secretary of State for Education, Alejandro Tiana, along with the advisers of all the autonomous communities.

The Ministry indicates that the school calendar, for the moment, remains as it was: it does not close in March and that there was no talk at the meeting of extending the course to July. In addition, they have reiterated that no family has to worry since it is working so that no student loses the course due to the pandemic and so that everyone can be evaluated in conditions of justice and equity.

Change in the exam model

Sources from the Ministry of Universities also explain that there will be changes in the EBAU exam model so that students have the possibility of obtaining the highest score without asking the questions corresponding to any of the subject content blocks. Before, students had to choose between option A and option B and take the questions that were in each option. Now students can take the exam on demand and take questions from both options.

Each block will have more question options to guarantee that there are always questions corresponding to the agenda that has been worked on prior to March 10, the closing date of the educational space.

During the meeting, the Community of Madrid has requested a technical meeting between the communities and the ministries of Education and Universities so that there are no substantial differences in the form of evaluation between communities that could harm students from different regions. Celaá has accepted the proposal, but Catalonia and the Basque Country have opposed it in order to respect their powers in this matter.


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