May 14, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The discrediting of the British media in the Canary Islands: “This is a nightmare” – The Province

“A nightmare”. This is how one of the British couples who stayed at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel for 10 days in that establishment remained isolated. What they intended to be a sweet and peaceful vacation has become the opposite. The media ‘Lynn News’ collects the complaints of Ben and Jenni King, who have claimed that they are “trapped” in the Tenerife hotel affected by an outbreak of coronavirus.

The couple, who must have left the island last Tuesday, February 25, arrived in Tenerife on Friday 21 and after experiencing the intense episode of Calima, the same day of their departure they woke up with a note under their door that indicated that They must stay in their room. “The sandstorm created a lot of chaos on the flights, so there were people who shouldn’t have been at the hotel at the time,” they said.

The marriage assures, as described by the aforementioned means, that they received hardly any information from the Spanish authorities and that what they managed to find out was through their phones. They have also denounced that they were barely fed during the first hours. “Just an apple, bananas, water and some pasta under the door.”

However, since the hotel was quarantined, workers, health workers and authorities have done an intense job to attend, advise, and provide guests with all relevant help and information about the measures that were being taken. In this sense, the City of Adeje approved last Friday the 28th unanimously an institutional motion, defended by the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, in which the work of the establishment’s workers was recognized since the isolation of the complex was decreed .

The mayor said that “the work performed by these professionals in the tourism sector, both the hotel of the H10 chain and other hotels and establishments nearby has been exemplary and commendable.” Even the general secretary of Base Trade Unions, Manuel Fitas, came to affirm that the workers who were in isolation were “overwhelmed and tired.” These employees, about 40, came to work between 16 and 18 hours.

However, the British newspaper collects several times in its information that the marriage claims not to have received enough information. “On Wednesday 26 we woke up with another note that did not mention the coronavirus, but they told us that they were preparing the breakfast area to take food to the rooms.”

The couple was “trapped” in Tenerife for 10 days, however, they were able to plan their flight back home at no additional cost after having tested negative for the virus. “We feel we were quite lucky as it could have been much worse,” the couple told the newspaper despite complaints

They are currently in quarantine at home while they are rethinking other vacations in Italy that were planned before the health alarm in that country will jump.


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