April 14, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The College of Psychology of Las Palmas warns false therapists of their proliferation in networks – La Provincia

He College of Psychology of Las Palmas has wanted to warn of the fake therapists Before his proliferation in social networksTherefore, it has urged the population to ensure that the professional they select and attend them online complies with the ethical and professional requirements required for the exercise of the profession of psychologist.

In a statement, the entity has pointed out that It is essential that the professional who attends online has seen his client / patient previously in the consultation.

However, it is not possible recommends making sure you are a psychology professional qualified to practice the health profession and ask for his registration number; and check that your place of consultation is a health center accredited by the Ministry of Health.

He School He also points out that it is important to be informed of the type of approach practiced by the psychologist, since in the exercise of psychotherapy there are various psychotherapeutic models and some approaches do not have enough evidence and have been cataloged by the Ministry of Health like pseudotherapies.

It also requests that the professional communicate to the patient that the platform with which he works complies with the legal requirements; and obtain guarantees that during the application of the treatment there will be a continuous evaluation of the same, a formulation of the problem adapted to the characteristics of the client and, eventually, an indication of the treatment to be followed, obeying formal diagnostic criteria, and with adapted procedures.


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