Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The College of Physicians of Las Palmas delivers basic PPE to protect its members - La Provincia

Given the special vulnerability of the healthcare community that is suffering from a high number of infections due to Covid-19The Las Palmas College of Physicians provides basic personal protection equipment to all the associations that need them.

The College of Physicians of Las Palmas has made an investment of 35,000 euros to protect the province's doctors, transport costs apart. Through a purchase operation, the college has acquired basic personal protective equipment (PPE), consisting of 50,000 type IIR surgical masks and 15,000 gloves.

The material will be distributed personally and free of charge to members.

Pedro Cabrera, president of the College, commented that "on the national scene, the province of Las Palmas has the best epidemiological indexes," but stressed "that we cannot let our guard down. We are concerned about the protection of our doctors and, especially, in primary and freelancers. "

The concern of the Las Palmas College of Physicians has been, from the first minute, to offer sufficient protection to doctors. This provision is the result of a complex purchase operation and a very difficult transfer of the material. "Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, providing this type of protection immediately has been practically impossible," Pedro Cabrera analyzed.


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