Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The children of the Jiribilla Center thank the drawings and applause for the work of the Canary Islands Brigade - The Province

The Canary Brigade went to Valsequillo for clean and disinfect he Jiribilla Residential Foster Centerlocated in the La Barrera neighborhood. A center dependent on the Ministry of Social Policy and Accessibility of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria which is managed by the Diagrama Foundation.

An action carried out by a unit made up of ten people and which is being carried out in all the centers of the island at the request of the Island Council as a preventive measure.

The team arrived first thing in the morning and the first thing they did was chat with the boys and girls of the center to introduce themselves and explain what was going to happen and what the protocol of action was. Close and affectionate, the military told the children that they had to change their clothes and put on special equipment, but not to be scared or worried. After visiting the center, the members of the Brigade told the minors that they had a very nice and spacious house to play in these days of confinement and they talked about how they were coping with the situation.

Once the cleaning and disinfection work had been carried out, the four boys and girls residing in the center wanted to thank the members of the unit for their work, giving them drawings made specifically for them. A very emotional farewell because the Canary Brigade at that time received applause from the minors and also from the residents of the area who went out to the windows and balconies to thank them for the work with a great ovation.

From the direction of the center, they have wanted to thank all the members of the Brigade for the kindness and affection with which they have treated minors and also the residents of Valsequillo, especially those in the La Barrera neighborhood, for being always pending the center and the minors.


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