Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The CGPJ incorporates attorneys and social graduates to the Monitoring Commissions of the Superior Courts of Justice - La Provincia

The Permanent Commission of the General Council of the Judiciary today it has agreed to include the General Council of Attorneys of Spain and the General Council of Official Colleges of Social Graduates in the Monitoring Commissions established in each High Court of Justice for the adoption of measures in relation to judicial activity during the pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19.

The CGPJ will address the General Councils of attorneys general and social graduates so that each designates a representative per territory, who will join the Monitoring Commission corresponding, as it did last day 26 with the General Council of Spanish Lawyers when it agreed to include this group in those bodies.

According to the instruction approved by the Standing Commission last March 11th, the Monitoring Commissions are chaired by the presidents of the National Court or the corresponding Superior Court of Justice and made up of the President / s of the Provincial Court, the Secretary of Government, the Secretary / Coordinator / a Provincial, the judges / deans of the judicial parties affected, the judge or judges on duty, the regional prosecutor, the director of the Institute of Legal Medicine, the director / to the Communication Cabinet and a representative of the competent Justice and Health Administration.

They are now joined by representatives of lawyers, attorneys and social graduates, who will be summoned to the Monitoring Commissions when issues affecting their professional work are discussed.


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