Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The Canary Islands have been in the middle of the descent of the epidemic curve for two weeks – La Provincia

The Canary Islands have been in the middle of the descent of the epidemic curve for two weeks. It was on April 6 when the Archipelago registered 1,450 active cases and 15 days later the data corroborates that the Archipelago is in full decline of the number of cases. At the close of yesterday, this number was already very close to a thousand, specifically in 1,046 active positive cases.

This has been possible on the one hand thanks to the exponential growth in the number of epidemiological discharges granted in the Archipelago, which yesterday stood at 927, and the number of new cases that have been diagnosed every day. And it is that these last two weeks of confinement the growth of new cases in the Canary Islands has been negligible. Specifically, the number of new cases has stood at an average of 1% each day, representing a total of 20 cases per day in all the Islands. The national average is 2% and only three communities exceed that percentage. Also the total number of cases must be subtracted the deaths that yesterday stood at 121, one more.

This situation has even occurred, having significantly increased the number of PCR tests carried out in the Archipelago, going from carrying out between 800 and 1,000 tests per day to around 1,700 and 2,000 during the last week. The Ministry of Health, in addition, has prioritized screening in those groups in which there is a higher risk of contagion or in which the consequences of suffering the disease are much worse, such as health workers or users of nursing homes (both residents as professionals). In a next phase, the government will prioritize the screening by means of PCR tests to other risk personnel such as the state security forces.

Yesterday, and according to where the case has been declared and, therefore, where each patient is in isolation, on the island of Tenerife there were still 647 active cases while in Gran Canaria there were 210. In La Palma there were 35 people infected by Covid-19 still active, 47 in Lanzarote, 5 in Fuerteventura, 2 in La Gomera and none in El Hierro. Since the epidemic began in the Canary Islands, 837 people have required hospital admission for Covid-19 and another 164 have required intensive care. Of these, 145 still remain in the plant, most of them in Tenerife, and another 65 in the UVI. La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro do not have any cases in the ICU and Fuerteventura only 1. However, despite these good data, the rate of infection or the basic reproductive number of the virus (R0) has been increasing slightly in the last days to stand at 0.78, that is, at the level it was just two weeks ago.


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