Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The Canary Islands guarantee the total supply of food and says that collection is not necessary – La Provincia

The Ministry of tourism, Industry and Commerce of Canary Government and the employers of food distribution, Asuican and Asodiscan, have guaranteed the full supply of products and food on the islands and have told the population that collection is not necessary.

As reported by the regional executive, these statements were made after a meeting of the regional head of trade, Yaiza Castilla, with representatives of commercial distribution associations and supermarkets.

In this way, they have especially emphasized that the archipelago will not have supply problems, and therefore they have urged that purchases be carried out normally.

Castilla thus called the tranquility of the population and insisted that normality will be maintained, given that the sector, as a preventive measure, has reinforced stocks and supplies, and the absolute availability of all types of merchandise is guaranteed.

Given the situation created by the crisis derived from Covid-19, the Government agreed at a meeting with employers to create a working table between representatives of commercial distribution and regional supermarkets with the Ministry to coordinate joint actions and to be at the day and anticipate, before any new situation and spikes in demand such as those that are occurring.

Among the measures to be adopted, the development of a campaign aimed at the local population was proposed, which affects normality in this sector regarding the dispatch of goods and in a way that avoids the massive influx to supermarkets for excessive stockpiling. that is being lived and that is totally unnecessary.

The meeting was attended by the manager of the Association of Large Distributors of the Canary Islands (Asodiscan), Alfredo Medina, and the Association of Supermarkets of the Canary Islands (Asuican), Alonso Fernández, as well as representatives of some of the main chains of food, among which were the director of Mercadona for the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, Francisca Planells; the regional director of Carrefour, Jesús López, the president of the Tomás Barreto S.A group of companies (SPAR La Palma) and the manager of expansion and real estate of LIDL in the Canary Islands, Daniel Picazo.


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