June 21, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The Canaries, among the Spaniards who saw the least television this Wednesday – La Provincia

The Spaniards dedicated this Wednesday, April 1, an average of five hours and two minutes (302 minutes) per person per day to watch television – an average of minutes over the total of the universe of Spain that also weighs those who have not seen or one minute of television – which is seven minutes less than Wednesday the week before.The Canary Islands is below the national average with 286 minutesand only ahead of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Madrid.

According to an analysis by Barlovento Comunicación, collected by Europa Press,the average television consumption time per viewer was this Wednesday, April 1, at six hours and 35 minutes(395 minutes) – average minutes of those who have watched television for at least one minute – which is seven minutes less than the previous Wednesday.

In relation to the accumulated television audience, the analysis reflects that it was 33.8 million Spaniards, 74.5% of the population, which represents 0.1 million less than a week ago.

Other uses

Regarding the time dedicated to television, but for other uses such assurf the internet or play, reached 39 minutes on average per person per day, one minute more than the previous Wednesday; and the total time of television use – with other consumptions, second homes, etc. – reached 343 minutes per person per day, five hours and 43 minutes per person per day.

By targets,the highest consumption of television was that of the group of those over 64 years of age452 minutes per person per day, followed by people aged 45 to 64, who spent an average of 387 minutes, and women, with an average of 314 minutes.

On the time spent on television in the different regions of Spain, the data indicates thatthe highest television consumption this Wednesday occurred in Castilla-La Manchawith an average of 344 minutes per person per day, which is four minutes more than the previous Wednesday.

It is followed by more time devoted to television Asturias with 333 minutes, a decrease of nine minutes compared to Wednesday of last week; Andalusia with 319 minutes (-17); Aragon with 317 minutes (-4); Valencian Community with 315 minutes (-11); Basque Country with 298 minutes (-6) and Galicia with 295 minutes (+2).

After Galicia, the highest consumption was registered in Murcia with 287 minutes per person per day (-17);Canary with 286 minutes (-5); Catalonia with 282 minutes (+1); Baleares with 281 minutes (-3) and Comunidad de Madrid with 277 minutes, seven minutes less than the previous Wednesday.

On the other hand, the figures show that the average television consumption throughout the day was9.5 million viewers: 18.8 million average in ‘prime-time’; 15.2 million in the afternoon slot; 16.3 million on the desktop; and 5 million in the morning.

Finally, the peak of highest television consumption, that is,the ‘golden minute’ was recorded at 22:21, with 20.6 million viewers in front of the television; and twelve of the 25 most viewed broadcasts of the day correspond to the information genre.


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