Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: The anger of a Canarian ER nurse: "I don't kill myself to work for this" - La Provincia

"We have been locked up for more than a month. So much solidarity, so much applause, what for? To continue locked up," asks an emergency nurse from the Canary Health Service who published a video on social networks in the face of outrage when seeing how, not only in the Islands, but in many parts of Spain, many people did not follow the advice of social distancing in the first measure of misconduct that allowed the children to go outside to play, together with their parents this Sunday, April 26.

"The lack of solidarity in this country is shameful", keep going. "Are we still the same egoists as before and we don't stop thinking about ourselves?", Add.

"You leave us speechless", he also affirms in relation to his others health companions and other services such as the Police, supermarket staff, Cleaning ... "It takes away the desire to go to work and risk my skin for you. Irresponsible," says this professional, angry and outraged by the attitude of some people that sparked controversy and controversy. "Keep your safe distance," he ends.


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