June 19, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: ‘Soldiers against the virus’, special Out of Plane program on TVC – La Provincia

Out of planeThis Thursday, starting at 22:00, will address the health and economic effects that the pandemic of thecoronarivus in the Canary Islands.

With a report titled‘Soldiers against the virus’, will be shown to the main actors who are waging this battle: researchers who fight against the clock in the search for drugs, health workers, security forces, teachers, young people who do not neglect their elders or people who live in confinement with previous pathologies or disability.

Live withset experts and connections with various analysts, the program will address the last hour of the health crisis in the Islands, the capacity of our hospitals or the means of protection available to health workers, with their testimonies.

In the economic and social sphere,Out of plane will deal with the consequences of slowing down the activity in families, companies and the self-employedwith special attention to the paralysis of the tourist sector, the engine of the Canarian economy.

The program will also dedicate a space to explain the latest measures taken by the Government of Spain to mitigate the damage caused to employment and to the most vulnerable. To which is added how to manage economic difficulties in homes in these days of layoffs and cessation of activity.

In addition, there will be a section forknow the scams and the hoaxesthat are proliferating due to the virus.


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