Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: San Juan de Dios de Tenerife enhances the video call to improve the mood of patients and families - La Provincia

He Hospital San Juan de Dios de Tenerife It has made tablets available to its patients in order to maintain closer communication with their families through video calls. A procedure that is being carried out with 75 patients and that at the moment it is much more beneficial for them than the traditional phone call.

In addition to working exhaustively according to the prevention measures established by the Ministry of Health To ensure the health of patients in this emergency, the center's team of professionals also has among its priorities to maintain their emotional well-being, something fundamental in periods of isolation such as the current one.

According to him team of psychologists of Saint John of God, in a confinement situation like this one, where no one can physically see loved ones, can produce anguish and anxiety to anyone; and in the case of people who are hospitalized, this uncertainty can increase to high levels. The person in charge of the Elisabet de la Rosa Spiritual Care explains that "Through making these types of calls, we help our patients combat loneliness and social isolation, which they may feel in this exceptional situation. In this way, we also work at a spiritual and human level to generate greater well-being among them". De la Rosa clarifies that at the moment, multidisciplinary work is essential to reinforce the state of mind of patients, but also of their families, who need to know the state of health of their loved one.

Emotional benefits

With the use of these new technologies and the ability to offer them a more real and direct way to communicate, adds an additional emotional benefit in this situation. "Being able to verify that the whole family is well, that the measures are being effective and that they will soon be able to have these conversations in person, with the physical contact that we so badly need, produces a palpable relief for the patients," assure the professionals of the Institution.

This initiative launched by the San Juan de Dios Hospital is also providing a benefit for health personnel, who note a great emotional change in his patients. "After making the video calls, we see how the hospitalized person faces the situation with greater optimism and tranquility, and they spend the days with more enthusiasm knowing that the physical distance does not limit them to feel close to their loved ones," say the professionals.

Therefore, by promoting this type of approach between hospitalized people and family members who are confined at a distance, we achieve contrasted benefits on both sides. On the one hand, anxiety is mitigated in patients, who, seeing their families, feel comforted and verify in first person and in a real way that they are well; and on the other hand, in the relatives themselves, they can ensure that the loved one remains in good health and mood.


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