August 12, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: ‘Resistir’, special report on the coronavirus crisis in Out of Plane – La Provincia

Off-plan this Thursday will follow up on the crisis in thecoronavirusstarting the program with a special report under the title‘I will resist’. It will address the social, economic and psychological consequences that confinement is causing and will delve into different experts on how to manage this anomalous situation that affects us in employment, education, fitness and nutrition.

In the Canary Islands there are about 70,000 elderly people who live alone, a vulnerable population facing the coronavirus epidemic with difficulties. In addition, other groups such as dependent people also suffer more from the consequences. In the report we will put a face to know first hand its reality.

But despite the state of alarm,there are workers who cannot stop their activity. Out of plane he will speak with nurses, delivery people or public service personnel whose work and effort is essential at this time.

Regarding the pandemic, the program will analyze updated data and the evolution of infections at the national and Canarian level. It will also offer an interview with the prestigious Spanish virologist,Adolfo García-Sastre, director of the Global Institute for Emerging Pathogens and Health at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, whose team works to fight the virus.

On the other hand, the economic aspect will be one of the essential contents of the program after the total closure of tourist activity in the Islands and its impact on employment.

And not all the news that revolves around the health crisis is negative. The number of people who have overcome contagion in Spain grows.Out of plane he will speak to a canary that has overcome the disease.

All these derivatives will be addressed with several live connections. Experts and those affected will be direct testimonies of this situation together with the people who will offer their analysis during the program.


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