Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Red Cross helps more than 3,000 Canarian homes during the state of alarm - La Provincia

A total of 40,153 people en all the Canary Islands have received attention and telephone support during the alarm state through Red Cross, an institution that has also brought help in matters of social emergency to 3,595 homes in the Archipelago. Furthermore, more than 1,300 volunteers are currently mobilized in the Red Cross Respond Plan.

Since the beginning of the crisis caused by confinement as a result of the coronavirus, Red Cross has launched a series of services to support the vulnerable population, in coordination with the competent public administrations in each case, in their capacity as auxiliary to the public powers.

This work, which is part of the Red Cross Plan Responds to the Covid-19suppose the greatest mobilization of resources, capacities and people of Red Cross in its 155 years of history.

The Institution has activated eight ambulances throughout the Canary Islands to reinforce the SUC urgent medical transport network and collaborates with the transport of samples for analysis of the Covid-19 and the SUC health personnel to carry out these tests at home, provide a medicine collection service in hospitals for patients with chronic diseases.

Further, has installed temporary reinforcement health infrastructures (such as, for example, the Campaign Hospital in the Tenerife Fairgrounds), has disseminated and promoted information, awareness and prevention campaigns, and also offers psychological support to people involved in this social and health crisis and to the general population, It takes temperatures to travelers in the ports and airports of the islands.

Likewise, it continues to offer the Service of care and protection for victims of gender violence (Atenpro), from which immediate attention is given, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of where they are.

On the other hand, Red Cross do the provision of services and support through thematic resources to children of the School Success Promotion project, who are also given a biweekly home delivery with snacks for those days and printed educational teaching resources, as well as the provision of tablets and SIM card for internet connectivity for families that do not have at home.

The growth of temporary employment regulation files, unemployment and work activity are putting a large part of the population in a vulnerable situation. In this regard, the Organization is taking measures to lessen the economic and employability impact on society.

From the Employment Plan, attention is being given to 740 people who, in addition to transmitting legal information in case they were harmed by an ERTE, they are offered guidance, training and intermediation, adapting face-to-face work methods to the current context, to improve their employability and try to bring them closer to the labor market. In this sense, the Institution has continued to strengthen alliances with the business fabric, currently counting on the support of 128 collaborating companies.


Another of the groups affected by these crises and to whom Red Cross pay special attention, it is the homeless. Until now, the Institution manages seven temporary shelters (three in the province of Las Palmas, in the municipalities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Arrecife, and four in Tenerife, in Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Arona and Granadilla), in coordination with the corresponding municipalities and the Government of the Canary Islands, With the capacity to serve around 30/50 homeless people, there are currently 205 people who are being provided with food, clothing, as well as a space for rest, cleanliness and 24-hour security.

The Organization has also been calling 40,153 people throughout the Canary Islands, users of its projects, partners and volunteers, mainly older people who live alone, to make a track your health and remind them of prevention tips, in addition to detecting possible needs.

At the same time, the Red Cross has activated channels for receiving requests for help from vulnerable individuals and families who have seen their situation become more complicated.

As explained by the autonomous secretary of Red Cross, Domingo Pérez. "We have received 6,703 calls throughout the Archipelago requesting the collaboration of our Institution, especially with the delivery of food, hygiene materials for the home and staff, medicines and other requests for all kinds of help."

To date, the Institution has carried out 6,259 aid deliveries (food boxes, hygiene kits, medicines, school supplies) in 3,595 homes. In this regard, some municipalities and many companies and individuals are collaborating to make this aid possible. Furthermore, in addition to distributing food from the European Aid Fund for the most disadvantaged (FEAD) program, the Institution has collaborated with those Associated Delivery Organizations that have not been able to deliver these foods to the beneficiaries as a consequence of the health emergency.

"Although our desire would be to reach everyone, it is impossible for us, we do not have sufficient capacities or resources to meet all demand. And this forces us to prioritize according to the degree of vulnerability, to people or families who are in a situation of poverty and social exclusion, their situation being more precarious than the rest of the affected population. Likewise, we refer to the respective city councils those family units or people that we do not have the capacity to attend to, so that they can be cared for, where appropriate, from the Municipal Social Services, "says Domingo Pérez.

"In this sense, please understand that the fact of calling the telephones enabled for this does not automatically mean that the Institution has the capacity to meet all the demands, even so, we continue trying, in one way or another, to provide the help that is need or channel it to whoever could provide it, "added the regional secretary.

Since Red Cross highlight the work effort, dedication, solidarity and responsibility of the workforce and of the more than 1,300 volunteers from Red Cross in this crisis situation, contributing everything they can and more in a situation that is difficult for everyone. In this regard, the Institution wants to thank and recognize this valuable work.


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