May 10, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Red Cross attends 86,104 people in the Canary Islands, more than double the number expected – The Province

A total of 86,104 vulnerable people before the crisis caused by the Covid-19 have been served by Red Cross in the Canary Islands, more than double that estimated in the “Respond” plan, which has involved 123,700 actions in emergencies, health, social inclusion, education and employment.

It’s a statement Red Cross It provides these figures and also announces that from June it will expand this initiative with the “Respond recovery” plan, with which intends to reach 2,400,000 people from all over the country until December, of which 150,000 correspond to the Canary Islands.

Remember that the Responde plan had planned to serve 43,000 vulnerable people and This figure has been doubled in the absence of a week to complete the two months of its launch.

This plan has involved the greater mobilization of resources, capacities and people of Red Cross and it has had 2,236 volunteers for this, of which 1,066 have registered in this period, and more than 200 contracted people, who are assigned throughout the archipelago to attend to vulnerable people facing the Covid-19.

In addition, another thousand volunteers and 540 contracted people continue to attend to the rest of the institution’s projects and services in the Canary Islands.

It also highlights the support from more than 420 entities and companies from all over the Canary Islands who have collaborated with the plan Red Cross during these almost two months of activity.

Among other results, Red Cross mentions his work as support to Canary Emergency Service (SUC) making 8 ambulances available for urgent medical transport with more than a thousand interventions carried out, and four vehicles for the transport of samples for analysis of the Covid-19 of health personnel and to carry out these tests at home, with 717 services performed.

In addition, two temporary hospital infrastructures have been installed and the Canary Islands Emergency Logistics Center in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the Autonomous Operations Center in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have been activated for the availability of all its resources.

Two psychosocial intervention teams have also been activated at the disposal of people directly affected by the Covid who has carried out 22 interventions.

In coordination with the Government of the Canary Islands Red Cross he has participated in carrying out temperature controls at all the islands’ airports and to date 12,259 controls have been performed.

He has also collaborated with the University Hospital of the Canary Islands, Hospital del Norte in Tenerife, the Insular-Maternal and Child University Hospital Complex in Gran Canaria and the Doctor José Molina Orosa Hospital in Lanzarote to facilitate medication at home for patients under a doctor’s prescription, carrying treatment to their homes.

Likewise Red Crossto have made follow-up calls, information and accompaniment 40,611 people who use their projects, mainly older people who live alone, and 25,718 members over 60 to monitor their health.

It has also cared for 89 people who have needed psychosocial help and has given medicine to 601 people under special authorization from the Ministry of Health, and in collaboration with the Council of Colleges of Pharmacists.

In the area of ​​social inclusion Red Cross in the Canary Islands, it has paid attention to 11,550 people and families to cover their basic needs through 25,861 deliveries of help at home, food (80% of the total), personal and household hygiene, medicines, financial benefits and payment of supplies .

He has sheltered 301 homeless people in 7 shelters (3 in the province of Las Palmas, in the municipalities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Arrecife, and 4 in Tenerife: in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, Arona and Granadilla), arranged with the corresponding municipalities and the Government of the Canary Islands , to provide users with food, rest, cleanliness and 24-hour security.

Ways of receiving requests for help from vulnerable individuals and families have been activated, which have seen their situation become more complicated, and to date, 8,626 calls have been answered that demand, above all, delivery of food, household hygiene materials and personnel and medications.

In the area of ​​education, the school success promotion program has been delivered virtually, with which 211 vulnerable children can continue their online educational support.

Likewise 1,029 school supplies, tablets, toys and snacks have been delivered to boys and girls.

More than 63,595 people from all over the Canary Islands have accessed the training courses that have been carried out online in subjects such as Covid, emotional support and first aid.

Too Red Cross It has helped more than a thousand people who have lost their jobs or suffer anxiety in the face of an uncertain future, for which it has mediated with more than 200 companies.

Likewise, and with the collaboration of individuals, companies, partners of the institution and public administrations, Red Cross has mobilized more than 1,100,000 euros in the Canary Islands in these two months with which to finance these services and grants.


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