Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Professor Cristina Cela publishes an article in The Conversation: 'Words and words that the coronavirus has brought us' - La Provincia

The Associate Professor of Labor in the area of ​​Translation and Interpretation of the ULPGC, Cristina Cela Gutiérrez, publishes an article in The Conversation titled 'Words and words that the coronavirus has brought us'.

In this work, the teacher analyzes how, from the outbreak of the outbreak of coronavirus and the COVID-19, "our language of colloquial and daily use has been filled with specialized terminology: pandemic, strain, cluster, contagion curve, or acronyms like OMS, EPIs, SARS, MERS. Terms, expressions and concepts that, until now, were in use almost exclusively limited to medical-health and scientific fields ".

The work concludes with a note of humor, noting that "this is only the beginning of the new repertoire COVID19 Terminology. We still have a long way to go in linguistic reflections, since oral language evolves and grows almost at the same speed as our thoughts. As an example, let us record one of the latest incorporated neologisms, Covidiota #COVIDIOTA, the one that does not respect the rules and breaks the isolation. "

This is the seventh dissemination article published by researchers from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the world's leading platform for knowledge dissemination The Conversation Spain, the main global channel for the dissemination of knowledge emanating from universities. The ULPGC joined this platform in February 2020, as it has been sponsored since the CRUE-Spanish Universities.

The Conversation has editions in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Indonesia and Africa, in addition to the Spanish edition, which was launched in the summer of 2018 and in just over a year has achieved more than 20 million readings. thanks to the republication of the articles in 170 media.


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