Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Primary Care enables a device in Gran Canaria for the home care of coronavirus patients - La Provincia

The ground floor of the main building of the Gran Canaria Primary Care Management, dependent on the Ministry of Health of the Canary Government, has been conditioned these days to house the logistics center for home care for people affected by the coronavirus Covid-19. It is the place of operations in which health professionals prepare to perform the home interventions in order to take care of patients who require it, especially those with coronavirus who can remain isolated at home without requiring hospital care.

The space of some 300 square meters, It has been modified in record time in order to house everything the toilets need to carry out their work: personal protective equipment (PPE) adapted to the out-of-hospital environment, hand hygiene points, footbath for shoe disinfection, showers, laundry service and telecommunications equipment, as well as logistical and administrative support. Preventive measures in place ensure that staff, once they have completed their work with patients, can safely return to their homes.

A total of 30 Primary Care professionals, among doctors, nurses, nursing assistants and drivers, work in these five mobile home care teams, with rotating shifts from Monday to Sunday, forming a service that, fully operational, has the capacity to make up to 50 visits a day. All of them form a resource of great importance in order to reserve health centers and hospitals for those who need it most at all times.

Thanks to this special home care device, it is possible to pay attention and follow-up to all patients who require it, minimizing the risk of saturating the health system and helping to cut the chain of virus transmission, protecting professionals from possible exposure. like the general population.


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