April 20, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: ‘Pltano de Canarias’ for patients with Covid-19 at Hospital La Paz in Madrid – La Provincia

The Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Unit of the La Paz Hospital in Madrid will begin dispensing frequently ‘Canarian banana’ in at least two of the specific menus designed for people admitted and affected by Covid-19.

As Asprocan details in a statement, from the point of view of food, patients require a diet of high nutritional density, soft and suitable for the presence of diarrhea, so the Unit of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics of the University Hospital La Paz, in collaboration with the hospitality service, have begun to apply specific menus addressed to these patients.

The objective is to ensure that the high nutritional requirements of these patients affected by the disease are covered, which is “a challenge”, the company points out, due to the presence of numerous symptoms that hinder normal intake such as lack of appetite, taste changes and of smell or respiratory distress and diarrhea.

Therefore, a oral feeding adapted when possible and many other nutritional support measures such as the use of oral nutritional supplements or artificial nutrition.

As indicated by Dr. Carmen Gómez Candela, head of the Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Unit of Hospital La Paz, “in the current and difficult circumstances we are going through, having this food of such high nutritional valueIn its proper state of maturation, it can be of great value to our patients. “

To guarantee the supply of the product under the appropriate conditions, the Hospital La Paz and the Association of Organizations of Banana Producers of the Canary Islands (Asprocan) have coordinated the Logistics necessary.

The doctor also points out that “the ‘Canary Banana’, in addition to all the healthy characteristics of the fruit and its ease of consumption,it has a high content of potassium and vitamin B6 as well as a mixture of different types of fiber that make it highly advisable in soft diets and in the presence of persistent diarrhea, very frequent in patients infected with the coronavirus. “

Asprocan will make available to all affected patients the amount that is necessary to cover all the needs of the medical and hospitality team of the University Hospital of La Paz.


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