Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Patients are transferred to the Vithas Clinic to free beds in Canarian hospitals - La Provincia

Five patients from the Canary Islands University Hospital Complex (HUC), attached to the Ministry of Health of the Canary Government, were transferred yesterday afternoon to the Vithas Clinic, located in Santa Cruz, in order to have more beds in the hospital center to serve patients who require care for COVID-19.

This privately owned center is part of the hospital network available to the Ministry of Health, as established by the regulations after the declaration of the State of Alarm, so it will take patients from the hospitals of the Canary Health Service (SCS) from Tenerife with the aim of freeing beds.

These are low and mild requirement patients who are cared for in these facilities by professionals from the HUC, with Vithas support staff, and who will occupy two floors of the Vithas Clinic, with 27 and 21 beds, respectively, having the option of reaching all 50 beds. The transfer will be done in three phases and in a staggered manner.

In recent weeks, works have been carried out to adapt the facilities. A medicine preparation room, spaces for clean-dirty circuits were created, and the medical and nursing control posts, among others, were adapted.

In addition, improvements were made to the plumbing and electricity facilities and the necessary telephone and computer connections were made. All services, such as Laboratory, Kitchen or Laundry, are provided by the HUC.

The Management wants to thank the Vithas Clinic and the HUC professionals for the collaboration they have had at all times to launch this project.


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