June 16, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Orchestrated Neighborhoods give lessons at home – La Provincia

Barrios Orquestados, aware of how the lives of families have been altered by the situation of confinement, has been organizing and is trying to motivate and progress the children and their families, both with the instruments, as with vocal training serve as a stimulus and it is beneficial to you right now.

Eva Cabrera, coordinator of the Jinámar neighborhood, highlights “the students are accustomed to group teaching and now, working individually, is a great change of approach. Both for them and for us. I, for example, plan what they have to work during the week , they send me videos and I return videos with the corrections. ” He also points out “We do not stop, it is being very hard, but we also have a great time and sometimes we laugh a lot

Marina Mushett, social worker In the project, he points out “families are very grateful to feel close, they are difficult times for everyone”, although he acknowledges that “it is not easy for new classes to reach everywhere, because just as the digital divide is happening to educational centers”.

Laura Brito, coordinator of Ciudad Alta, “As always, our girls and boys surprise us with their overflowing creativity, some do not have the instrument at home, but they build one, with any element of the house, and rehearse with the same rigor”

For his part, impeller and director of the project, José Brito, reinforces the idea that it is vital to maintain the illusion, “it is not the time for big or small hopes, it is the time for common hopes”. “It is time for all of us to dedicate ourselves to doing things that we like, to read, to listen to music, to take care of ourselves, to approach friends in a different way”

And as part of this spirit, Barrios Orquestados has started a campaign in which he is asking his artist friends, teachers and collaborators, making a play on words with the Covid-19, that convert to 19 seconds of culture. If you want to get closer to the various proposals, interesting and stimulating, Barrios Orquestados invites you to visit and follow them on their social networks.


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