Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: No deaths, two diagnosed and 51 cured this Thursday in the Canary Islands - La Provincia

There have been no deaths by coronavirus in the Canary Islands this Thursday, as collected in the data of the Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government updated at 8:00 p.m. Since deaths began on March 13, there have been 160 in the Islands, the last two on Wednesday in Tenerife. The account for the week of the start of phase 2 of the de-escalation and the official mourning adds three deaths, after closing the previous two with four and a record of five consecutive days without deaths two weeks ago.

With two diagnosed in the day, the count since the start of the pandemic stands at 2,337. Additions, with 51 more than the previous day, amounted to 1,930. The registry shows 247 active cases, 49 fewer than the previous day.

By island of residence in which the case was declared, that is, according to the origin of the patient's health card, the most affected is still Tenerife that it has 1,479 diagnosed among its residents, 109 deceased, 1,189 discharges and 181 active cases; Gran Canaria follows with 584 diagnosed residents, 38 deceased, 503 discharges and 43 people still ill; La Palma, 96 diagnosed, six deceased, 80 discharges and 10 active cases; Lanzarote, 84 positive residents, six deceased, 75 discharges and three sick; and without dead Fuerteventura, 45 cases, 44 discharges and one patient; La Gomera, eight cases and eight discharges and El Hierro, three cases and three discharges.

By declaration of the case, the data for the islands differ slightly, although the situation in Tenerife continues to be the most delicate. Thus, Tenerife has 1,567 positives, 113 deaths, 1,264 discharges, and 190 still ill; Gran Canaria follows with 583 diagnosed, 39 deceased, 498 discharged and 46 sick; La Palma has 81 diagnosed, three deceased, 71 discharges and seven sick; Lanzarote, 74 diagnosed, five deceased, 66 discharges and three sick. There are no deaths, as in the count by residence of the case, Fuerteventura, which has 24 diagnosed, 23 discharges and one patient; La Gomera, seven diagnosed and seven discharged; and El Hierro, a diagnosed person already discharged.

Until 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the Canary Health Service had found 223 suspected cases, according to the new protocol that considers suspicious "any person with a clinical picture of acute respiratory infection of sudden onset of any severity that is, among others, with fever, cough or feeling of shortness of breath."

They are also 587 diagnosed health professionals, which represent a 25.11% of the 2,337 cases registered in the Canary Islands from the beginning of the pandemic until this Tuesday. They are, in turn, 1.89% of the total staff of the Canary Health Service.

The Ministry of Health has stopped offering the accumulated data on hospital admissions and people in the ICU to detail the people who remain hospitalized. Thus, it highlights that they are 33 the admittedof which six are in the ICU.

As for the number of diagnostic tests add up 125,422of which 106,522 are PCR tests (Polymerase Chain Reaction) for the diagnosis of Covid-19 and 18,900 belong to molecular techniques test. In total, 101,870 people have been examined until this Wednesday.

In the distribution of the 160 deceased until this Wednesday, the Ministry has chosen to unify the group of 80-89 years and that of more than 90 in one called more than 80, which has claimed 76 deaths, followed by 70-79 , with 46; that of 60-69, with 21; that of 50-59, with ten; that of 30-39, with four; and that of 40-49, with three.


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