Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Masks from the convent – La Provincia

The need for face masks For the staff of Cáritas Diocesana de Tenerife, they have put to work the nuns of the lagoon convent of Santa Clara de Asís. Scissors in hand and through the use of fabrics, the nuns have already elaborated more than 100 of these protective elements, as they explained from this oenegé of the Church.

Caritas explained that the initiative came from the nuns, who asked the Episcopal delegate of Caritas, Juan Pedro Rivero, their willingness to collaborate in some way.

And it was in that conversation when they saw the possibility of contributing through the creation of masks for those who are responsible for carrying out reception tasks in the parishes and for those other members of this group who are serving on the street. And thus contribute its grain of sand to alleviate the health crisis.

“The Poor Clare nuns of La Laguna have wanted to contribute their grain of sand to the work we have been doing since the state of alarm was decreed. Thus, they have been sewing masks for days so that technicians and volunteers can carry out their work in the best conditions”, Cáritas de Tenerife synthesized through his Twitter account.

Help those in need

From the congregation they pointed out that this is a “very easy” task, although it takes “quite a long time”. “We have two layers of fabric and, in the middle, there is another layer of fleece so that they have more insulation,” they expressed through an audio provided by the Bishopric of Tenerife, and in which they indicated that some rubber bands are added to the ends. so that these instruments can be attached to the ears. “They are made with great affection,” they said from the convent.

The masks are necessary due to the work they are doing from Cáritas during these dates. As this entity pointed out after declaring the state of alarm, its managers applied a series of extraordinary measures to guarantee care for the most vulnerable groups.

“The general spirit of these measures aims to reinforce our mission to serve, welcome and listen to the last and most excluded, ensuring their care and care,” they said.

“Our seven housing resources for homeless people are kept open, expanding hours and technical teams in some of them, which until now did not have full coverage,” the non-governmental organization reported.

“Likewise, two new accommodation spaces have been opened for the aforementioned group in La Palma, one in coordination with the Los Llanos de Aridane City Council and the other in the parish of Santo Domingo in the palm capital,” they added. Likewise, and among other aid formulas, they continue to offer drinking water, food and hygiene kits to those people who have not been relocated.


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