Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Lecomte skips the quarantine to train – La Provincia

The Herbalife Gran Canaria bypasses the protocols of the state of alarm decreed by the coronavirus crisis and allows his base Manu Lecomte exercising in the La Vega pavilion of Saint Joseph, skipping quarantine. The Belgian point guard, who has not played any matches under Fotis Katsikaris, was injured during the last FIBA ​​window.

The player himself uploaded a video of his exercises to social networks in the La Vega de San José pavilion, the Cabildo facility, and you could face a fine, as well as the club for providing facilities. In addition, youth squads living near the pavilion would continue to train despite the state of coronavirus alarm. An improper imprudence of a club like Herbalife Gran Canaria.


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