Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Las Palmas pharmacists want you to stay home - La Provincia

Various pharmacists from Las Palmas have wanted join the # QuédateEnCasa movement, who has subscribed himself College of Pharmacists of said province. As part of the working population that must go to their job during the crisis of the coronavirus, Y risk group having contact with many people every day, they ask the population for responsibility.

The first point that they ask to be fulfilled is that of only go to pharmacies if necessary, "go through as little as possible". They also want their clients to follow basic measures to avoid contagion like safety distance, hand hygiene or respecting the turns of entry to the premises.

"We stop this virus together," says a worker in one of the videos supporting the movement. If we all collaborate and comply with the measures imposed and recommended, a greater number of infections will be avoided.


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