October 29, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Las Palmas lawyers demand procedural agility in the face of the expansion of the State of Alarma – La Provincia

The Las Palmas Bar Association this Friday shared a statement claiming “resume judicial activity“as soon as possible to be able to process pending processes, hold trials and suspended hearings.

Thus, they reject “frontally” the first working document that the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has approved on organizational and procedural measures for the crash plan in the Administration of Justice after the Alarm status.

The collegiate state that they are “paralyzed” and without activity, and they are frontally opposed to the suspension of their activities until the month of August, the date on which they are expected to resume their authorization.

The General College of Advocacy demands procedural agility

According to the provincial body, such a measure “would violate the recognized constitutional right to annual vacations for lawyers, attorneys and other legal operators.” By cons, they propose other ways to gradually reactivate the activity to get out of the paralysis they are in, “avoiding greater damages to the citizens, to those and the defendants to whom we owe ourselves in the performance of our profession,” they affirm.

In the document they have shared in different media, they demand “commitment, clear answers, progress and trust”, since claim to feel unprotected, especially the mutualists.

At a time like this, when “strict observance of sanitary standards” is required, they do not consider it appropriate dispense with legal agents under the argument of “procedural economy”.

For these reasons, the collegiates support and the proposals of the General Council of Lawyers for procedural streamlining, in the face of the announced prolongation of this state of alarm.


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