Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Las Palmas dental clinics reopen with the usual security - La Provincia

The College of Dentists of Las Palmas wants to convey to the citizens a message of confidence in the face of the gradual resumption of the activity of dental clinics, highlighting that, "always", dentists have taken extreme measures to protect against viruses and bacteria and, therefore, reopen their doors to attend to their patients "with the same security that has always characterized them".

In this regard, Luis Carlos Ojeda, member of the College's board of directors, points out: "With the protection we had, we were doing very well. Now what we have done is implement, reinforce, the levels of protection so that we are all calmer and safer, and that the consultations are safe spaces, which always have been, and that the patient has total tranquility because he knows that he is going to a reliable space ".

Continuous review of hygiene, cleaning and disinfection protocols, and their strict application, is a systematic practice of dental clinics, implemented for many years to deal with all kinds of infections. Now, facing the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, the protection measures in the consultations are being reinforced, "even more, if possible".

These new protection measures focus both on the professional activity of dentists and on the guidelines that patients must follow., and affect aspects such as the organization of the clinic spaces; the relationship with patients and their protection, as well as that of clinical and non-clinical personnel; the precautions to be taken during the treatments, and the adoption of the necessary biosafety standards.

Safety is the first thing that is requested and therefore the involvement of patients is also expected.: "The new normal is going to mean a series of changes, we are already asking our patients that appointments must be kept, that we will have to enter with masks, wash our hands, maintain safe distances, come with brushed teeth .. That is to say, to adopt a series of obligatory measures. And on the part of the professionals also, we will have some suits, some epis, glasses, screens, masks, hats, leggings ... we will be lined and depending on the procedure, if you need more or less aerosol, because we will have a higher level of protection, "says Ojeda.

In addition to protective measures, the College of Dentists wants to ask for patience because the pace set from now on may be somewhat slower. This is how Luis Carlos Ojeda admits it to conclude: "We have to adopt a slow philosophy, loosen the march a little and what patients that we previously treated in eight hours is as if we now do it in 16, but maintaining eight hours of work, it is say, go down to 50%, schedule appointments well, ask that they be punctual as we are. We will have fewer patients because if not, we cannot maintain the mandatory biosecurity criteria at the moment. "

10 general guidelines that the patient must follow to go to the dental clinic

one. Request an appointment (do not go to the clinic without it) and answer the questions they ask, in order to organize the appropriate care

2. If you cannot keep the scheduled appointment, you must call to postpone it

3. Be punctual to contribute to the correct organization of visits

Four. Remove accessory objects before going to the clinic (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.)

5. Brush your teeth previously

6. Attend the appointment unaccompanied, except when necessary (children or special patients)

7. Follow the hygiene and protection instructions that are given upon arrival (hand disinfection with hydroalcoholic solution, cap placement, leggings, etc.)

8. Maintain a safe distance from other patients

9. Limit access to common areas while you wait

10. Avoid contact with cash and use for payment, preferably, mobile or card


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