July 25, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: La Orotava school opens with a case of coronavirus – La Provincia

The school Salesian San Isidro, from La Orotava, that this Sunday confirmed that un primary school teacher has tested positive for coronavirus, opened its doors on Monday normally. High school students are already in their classrooms and the center awaits at 9:00 the arrival of children and primary school students.

Regarding the influx of high school students, sources at the center say it is the usual one and that there has been no appreciable decrease in the number of students attending class in the early hours.

From the center, which officially refers to the statement issued on this Sunday, Yes, fewer elementary and child students expect.

A teacher of the Salesian school does recognize that some information on social networks has generated an unjustified alarm and that this will lead to many families choosing not to send their sons and daughters to the center at least today.


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