Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: "join our cry: #Canariasyotecuido" - La Provincia

Canarian citizens have launched the campaign #Canariasyotecuido in order to raise funds to collaborate in the purchase of necessary material, PPE and sanitary equipment with which to help combat the effects and spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the islands.

The campaign was born, according to what the platform explains in a statement, as a result of the "growing and real concern" that exists in the hospitals of the Canary Islands that "no" has sufficient means for this. For this reason, they add, they seek to raise funds to "mitigate this lack, as they have done in other Spanish communities and cities, in the face of a fact that endangers the health" of health personnel, the sick and other citizens "exposed to the risk of getting it from not having the proper means. "

Donations can be made at GoFundMe and indicate that, "as proof of clarity and transparency, will be realized" to the collaborators and followers of the campaign of the destiny of money. The link to the donation platform is

Finally, they state that the funds raised will be made available to the Ministry of Health of the Canary Government or any other public institution, organization or hospital that "is considered as the needs of this changing reality vary."

To publicize this campaign a promotion will be carried out through audiovisual content with a collection of different artists who have shown their support for the initiative. Currently, for the dissemination in networks, the campaign has the support of artists such as Don Patricio, Lili Quintana, Domingo Oramas 'The colorao', Domingo Umpierrez 'El cuco' or The K-narias, among others.


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