Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Is the ESSSCAN making its administrative and technical staff available to the Canary Emergency Service? - The province

The School of Social and Health Services of the Canary Islands (ESSSCAN), agency dependent on the Ministry of Health, has made available to the Canary Emergency Service (SUC) part of its administrative and technical staff to help manage the high demand it is receiving as a result of the pandemic by the coronavirus COVID-19 .

In this way, in a first phase they will join this entity, in the Tenerife headquarters, a total of nine professionals, who will perform different tasks and jobs in light of the declared health alert. These workers have been issued the corresponding certificate so that they can prove to the competent authorities the reality of their work obligations and the need to travel from their homes, in accordance with the provisions of article 7.1 c) and d) of the RD 463/2020 for the declaration of the alarm status.

Fernando Mendez, director of the ESSSCAN reaffirmed his "total availability of collaboration with the SUC, without ruling out new assignments of professionals, if circumstances require it. "Likewise, he thanked the School's volunteer staff for their good predisposition and social commitment, also indicating that" we must thank all health and non-health professionals for the commitment shown and the work they are performing in this situation, "reminding citizens to follow the recommendations of the health authorities regarding confinement and maintenance of social distance.


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