June 14, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Intersindical urges the Canary Government to identify toilets that use defective masks – La Provincia

Intersindical Canaria requests the president of the Canary Government, Angel Victor Torres, and to the Minister of Health, Julio Pérez, that activate the necessary mechanisms to detect the personnel of the Canary Health Service (SCS) who may have made use of the defective FFP2 masks that the Ministry of Health of the national Executive has requested to withdraw.

According to the communication spokesperson for the union’s National Health Federation, Ruymán Pérez“It is essential to prioritize the location of those workers who have been able to use this material during their working hours and carry out the appropriate measures to isolation and testing of Covid-19 these workers. “

In this sense, from the union they explain that it is about basic actions aimed at detect possible cases of contagion Between the SCS staff and their environment, “people who have been in direct contact with these staff will also have to be tested,” Pérez said.

This Friday, the Ministry of Health has ordered remove a batch of FFP2 masks that it had been distributed to the autonomous communities for not meeting the necessary requirements.

As reported by the Ministry, two batches of these masks were distributed, but only one of them turned out to be defective.


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