Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Hospital Negrn launches a psychological support program for patients and families – La Provincia

He University Hospital of Gran Canaria Doctor Negrín, dependent center of the Ministry of Health of the Canary Government, through the Palliative Medicine service, has launched a psychological support program for patients and families affected by the Covid-19 that present psychological, emotional and social needs. This service offers, in this way, a support qualified by professionals as “essential” taking into account the situation of uncertainty generated worldwide by the coronavirus.

This program is intended for patients in an anxiety crisis situation due to their own pathology, isolation, intense fear or due to difficulty relating to family members. Family members who present moderate or severe emotional disturbances generated by the situation of the Covid-19, as well as for other additional situations. The care is generally carried out via telephone, except in those situations in which the professional detects a serious case that requires in-person assistance.

The professionals of the Palliative Medicine service of the Doctor Negrín Hospital They have also been a fundamental support these days for several families who have lost loved ones in the hospital center and who have not been able to live their grief in the usual conditions due to the situation caused by the coronavirus.

On the other hand, clinical psychologists of the Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology Service of the Doctor Negrín Hospital they attend, preferably by telephone and exceptionally in person, to workers who request it, or that they be derived, offering counseling and psychological support in relation to this health crisis. A psychiatrist of the Service is in charge of supporting this care in those cases in which it seems advisable to recommend some psychopharmacological treatment.


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