November 24, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Healthcare offers alternative accommodation to healthcare personnel working with Covid-19 – La Provincia

He Canary Health Service establishes, through an instruction, the accommodation of health personnel in own accommodation establishments such as school hotels or other private hotels or aparthotels by persisting the pandemic of Covid-19. The measure was launched a few days ago, which has allowed some toilets to stay in school hotels of the Canary Islands Government.

This situation required a regulation that allowed generalized and continued access to it and, therefore, this instruction has been published, reports the Ministry of Health in a note.

The document includes the need to adopt measures that protect healthcare professionals, a cornerstone in the battle against disease, in order to alleviate as much as possible the situation in which they find themselves.

On the one hand, regarding health personnel with a diagnosis, contact or suspicion of Covid-19; on the other, regarding non-infected staff, but whose level of exposure puts people in their family environment at risk; and, lastly, with respect to those personnel who, despite not excessive exposure, do not have the means to guarantee security measures in their homes with respect to their cohabitants or who live at a great distance from the workplace.

The health staff of the Canary Health Service included in one of the following groups may request that their accommodation in hotels or other short-stay accommodation be authorized:

– Health personnel who must remain in isolation by diagnosis from Covid-19

– Health personnel who must remain in isolation by contact or suspicion from Covid-19.

– Health personnel without Covid-19 diagnosis but with high exposure to contagion.

– Health personnel who, not meeting any of the above requirements, does not have the means to guarantee compliance with security measures regarding those people with whom you live or live very far from the workplace.

SCS personnel who are in one of these three situations must fill out a form that will be delivered to their head of hospital service or their basic health area if assigned to Primary Care and will be the SCS General Technical Secretary, prior report, the department responsible for assigning temporary accommodation.

The first accommodations that have been at the disposal of the toilets are those provided by the Tourism Council of the Canary Islands Government, which had made school hotels available to the Ministry of Health a few days ago. The one in Santa Brígida, in Gran Canaria, has a total of 40 rooms, plus another 10 in the student residence and the one in the capital of Tenerife, has 65 rooms plus 17 in the student residence.

In addition to two other rural school hotels, the Casa de Los Camellos, with 12 rooms and the Villa de Agüimes, with six rooms, both in the municipality of Agüimes, in Gran Canaria.


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