Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Health organizes an action plan in the Nursing Home Santa Rita - La Provincia

The Ministry of Health of the Canary Government, together with the Cabildo de Tenerife, organizes a contingency plan in the Santa Rita Nursing Home before the crisis of coronavirus . This Sunday, one of its residents was transferred to a hospital in the north of Tenerife with any symptom compatible with this pathology and, finally, it was confirmed as positive.

Prior to this situation, the Ministry of Health had assessed the options for prevention in a center of these characteristics with about 657 users and 387 workers.

In this sense, the isolation from the person who shares a room with the positive case and to the study of the rest of the center. Work has been done to determine the direct or close contacts of the person affected, which, in principle, are limited to about 20 users and their caregivers, who provide their services in the ward of the positive patient.

On the other hand, residents with acute respiratory symptoms have been evaluated to proceed with their isolation. in a plant separate from other users. At the same time it is in contact with the entity responsible (Mutua) for the prevention of occupational risks for workers to improve coordination with Health and the Council, and update the evaluation and care of workers.

Residence performance guide

Residents and users of nursing homes and social and health centers are vulnerable to COVID-19 infection for various reasons: they usually have underlying pathology or comorbiditiesThey are usually elderly, have close contact with other people (their caregivers) and other cohabitants, and often spend a lot of time in closed environments and with an equally vulnerable population.

All the socio-health centers must have adapted contingency plans to the characteristics of each center and aimed at prevention and response to the eventual appearance of cases and outbreaks of COVID-19.

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Canary Health Service has published and updated the Action Guide for nursing homes, people with disabilities and other users of nursing homes and social health centers, in order to protect the health of these people in a situation of extreme vulnerability and also of the personnel who care for them, with all the measures that must be taken to prevent and control COVID-19 infection.

The Guide includes the contingency plan to be defined by each center, the case suspicion criteria and mechanisms of action; general measures aimed at protecting the health of residents and those that must be strictly applied, as well as general measures aimed at protecting the health of workers.

Furthermore, the same document reflects the actions in cases of COVID-19 in residents and in cases of COVID-19 in workers of the center. The guide specifies the actions to be carried out in the face of contacts between residents of the center and between center workers.

The text reflects the cleaning and disinfection protocol of surfaces and spaces in contact with residents with suspicion or confirmation of COVID-19. Waste management and tableware and bedding treatment.

The Action Guide is constantly updated, and it is available in the information for Professionals on the Web.


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