July 6, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Health detects six asymptomatic positives in almost 2,200 tests in nursing homes – La Provincia

The Ministry of Health has reported that in the almost 2,200 tests that have been carried out on users and workers in nursing homes in the Canary Islands, “only” six cases of people have been detected positive asymptomatic, four of them in the El Pino Social Health Center, in gran canaria, and two at the Hogar Santa Rita, in Tenerife.

The speed in obtaining results has multiplied, going from an average of 1,000 a day to the 1,700 carried out last Wednesday, according to the Ministry in a statement. This screening has been carried out, mainly with PCR tests with the complement of antibody tests. The positives have been subjected to the corresponding isolation and are in good health.

The screening is being carried out in parallel throughout the Archipelago, so that the screening of 125 people in Fuerteventura has been completed; in Lanzarote a test was carried out on 81; in La Palma, 300 and in El Hierro the screening of all the centers of the island has been completed with 81 people analyzed.

In La Gomera, 49 people have been studied, while in Gran Canaria a total of 918 belonging to six centers have been screened, including a part of the population of the El Pino Social Health Center, of which four people have been positive asymptomatic; two residents and two workers. In Tenerife, 640 people from the Hogar Santa Rita have been analyzed.


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