July 6, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Gran Canaria Airport to close two thirds of the Terminal Building – La Provincia

The Canary airports They progressively adjust throughout this week the capacity of their facilities to adapt to the current operation of aircraft and passengers, in decline after the declaration of the State of Alarm, Ministerial Order TMA / 246/2020 that restricts the number of operations to face the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19 and the repatriation of
practically all the tourists of the archipelago.

Thus, the Lanzarote airport Terminal 1 closes on Wednesday, March 25 and all operations will take place in Terminal 2 (currently dedicated to inter-island flights).

Starting next Saturday, March 28, the Gran Canaria airport Two-thirds of the Terminal Building closes, Tenerife South also closes the upper floor, operating only on the ground floor, and the Tenerife North-City of La Laguna Airport will do the same with 40% of its boarding area, leaving three doors operational national and three inter-island boarding passes.

In Fuerteventura Check-in area B will be left open and the rest of the room will be closed, as well as in the Arrivals hall, where only Area B will also be operational, and in the boarding area, with six doors operating and the rest closed.

In the La Palma airport The spaces will be adjusted to operational needs, closing some facilities such as the terrace, and in La Gomera only a single counter will be enabled for billing.

Finally, in the El Hierro Airport, the facilities will only be active at times of use.

In this way, Aena reorganizes the facilities of its airports in a gradual process that will take place over the next few days and which aims to achieve more efficient management and ensure that operations can recover in the same way as demand at the time when rebound occurs.

Restricted airport services

Regarding airport services, and in compliance with the Ministerial Order that refers to the opening of those establishments that are essential for meet the essential needs of workers, suppliers and passengers in the air zone of the facilities, some catering services are kept open.

In addition, various t remain openpress and convenience stores, which sell food and drink items, and special attention is paid to supplying the vending machines.

Other measures implemented by Aena

Since the beginning of the health emergency, Aena has reinforced the attention provided in the cleaning and sanitizing of the facilities. In addition, and as a reinforcement, The UME is supporting disinfection work and has already carried out these tasks at the airports of Gran Canaria, Tenerife South and Tenerife North-City of La Laguna.

Likewise, and as a recommendation to passengers in order to avoid possible crowds, all the airports in the network broadcast a message on the public address system recommending that the minimum safety distance between people recommended by health authorities.

On the other hand, Aena also has in its airports with adapted contingency plans to various adversities, which include action protocols in the face of the loss of personnel in its facilities. It also has redundant equipment in critical systems and contingency rooms.

Lastly, it should be noted that in all the airports of the Aena network the measures dictated by the Government are being complied with, both from the health and operational points of view, to guarantee the return of the Spanish and the departure of foreigners from the fastest and safest way possible.


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