July 26, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: GAMÁ performs nearly 500 services to LGBT people during the State of Alarma – La Provincia

GAMÁ, LGBT Collective of the Canary Islands, has made a total of 473 attentions to 128 people during the first fifteen days from confinement imposed by the State of Alarm ddue to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19. Since the beginning of this situation, the professional team of the group has been instructed and has received the tools to continue carrying out their work electronically.

Since the containment measures were decreed, there are many LGBT people who have needed the support and monitoring of the GAMÁ Collective, both psychologically and socially, also the problems derived from the current situation have required labor and legal attention for many of these people.

The psychologist of the Collective, María José Hinojosa, explains that “relationship problems or LGBTI family phobia” are worsened because people do not have their “usual escape valves such as contact with family, friends or work.” Loneliness also plays a devastating role in the life of LGTBI people, “exacerbating anxiety or depression” says Hinojosa, who has not stopped paying attention via Skype to try to alleviate this problem.

Women in prostitution

From GAMÁ they express their concern for the most vulnerable groups such as the trans women in prostitution or asylum seekers, that upon arriving on the island shortly before the start of the confinement, they have not been able to start the process. They have been fleeing their countries of origin with limited resources, making attending to this reality much more complex. “Trans women in prostitution are left without financial resources to cover their basic needs, such as food or accommodation, in many cases they are not in their municipality or city of habitual residence and access to public administration aid it is an odyssey, “he explained Jennifer N. Molina, GAMÁ social worker.

Legal attention continues to be essential before a new labor reality, plagued with ERTEs, layoffs and dismissals. “There are many lost people with the new situation, we continue advising now more than ever, informing about the procedures and procedures that must be carried out. Another reality that is accentuated is the impossibility of continuing to pay the rent or the mistreatment suffered by people in their given the confinement “, he comments Ithaisa Amor Calderón, attorney for the Collective.

Most of the difficulties that the GAMÁ Collective faces in responding to the registered demands are due to the generic restrictions of mobility, the lack of accommodation resources, difficulties in coordinating with administration resources, currently saturated, and the own lack of equipment and tools for accessing the network of many people, essential for processing emergency aid.

The activist groups of Gamá, Sáfores and Juvenis, They continue working as much as possible, meeting electronically and carrying out informative empowerment actions, such as the live connection through Instagram held last Saturday to mark the premiere of the series ‘Venom’. Both the Social Networks and the usual communication channels of the GAMÁ Collective have been reinforced with more publications or the ‘# QuédateEnCasaConGamá’ edition of the monthly newsletter.

Once again, it is necessary to value the work of the NGOs, which reach all those people whom the Administration cannot reach, complementing the public work of attention to citizens. The GAMÁ Collective wants to send the entire population of the Canary Islands a message of hope and encouragement, while remembering that all LGBT people can contact the collective: “Count on us, we are here to help you.”

Toll-free telephone numbers:
928 433 427 – General information
605 892 051 – Social and legal care
659 223 054 – Psychological care, training and the elderly
690 718 439 – Rapid test, administration and press


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