July 25, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Erasmus maintain the scholarship if there are online classes or they have living expenses – La Provincia

The European Comission has assured this Wednesday that the students participating in the European program Erasmus + and continue their studies remotely or face accommodation costs related to their exchange, they will be able to keep the scholarship, according to a guide published by Brussels to assist students affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Whether they have returned to their homes or remain in the country of destination, the beneficiaries of the European mobility grant who continue classes electronically will be able to enjoy the full grant. In addition, those students who have returned from abroad can request compensation from the authorities of each Member State for additional transport costs arising from the crisis.

Likewise, the Commission establishes that the scholarship will also be kept by those people who continue to face accommodation expenses or electricity and water bills, for their stay abroad, even if their courses have been canceled. Regarding the higher expenses caused by staying abroad for longer than originally planned, they may request an extension of the scholarship.

By contrast, students who have returned home, have classes canceled and do not maintain living expenses must return part of the scholarship. In particular, the proportional part from the date your exchange ended to the final date set by the program.

Scholarship recipients who have not started the program because the coronavirus crisis broke out before the exchange began will be able to use the money for Erasmus-related travel expenses. The student may also receive a refund of the accommodation expenses that he had to advance.

In addition, the guide distributed by the Council of Europe with recommendations to Erasmus states that, in principle, students who have had their exchanges cut short by the pandemic will be able to postpone them for up to 12 months, in order to carry out the program in the future. Although Brussels remembers that, in any case, the last word will be the corresponding university.


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