May 15, 2021

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Enmanuela Manicardi: “May this nightmare end soon” – La Provincia

The colony of Italians residing in the Majorera town of Corralejo is concerned about the situation of their families in Italy. In Fuerteventura they are well, but with the logical uncertainty that has been generated with the coronavirus in the transalpine country. Italian citizens have a significant presence in Fuerteventura, where they exceed 10,000, and are especially present in Corralejo, Puerto del Rosario and Pájara. In addition, Fuerteventura receives about 86,000 Italian tourists a year, with 11 flights a week from different cities in the country.

The municipality of La Oliva at the end of last year, 7,202 Italians were registered from a total of 35,063 residents registered in the municipal register. Municipal officials believe that there are some 5,000 or 6,000 who have not renewed their registration and are in the process of unsubscribing. Despite the high presence on the Majorera island, it is the Tenerife municipality of Arona that registers the most Italians in the Canary Islands.

Italians residing in La Oliva continue to lead a normal life without losing sight of the health crisis that your country lives. Normally yesterday was the keynote in Corralejo. Commercial establishments, especially bars and cafes, which are run by the natives of Italy, operate for now with absolute normality. The mostly Italian customers also barely spoke of the virus. Of course, everyone agrees when commenting that they contact their relatives daily in the Italian state quarantine. The health status of distant relatives is his main concern.

Enmanuela Manicardi, born in Reggiomilia, near Bolonia, has lived in Fuerteventura for 16 years, in the charming town of Villaverde. “Right now you have to use common sense and heed the doctors’ recommendations,” argues Manicardi. “Avoid crowds at public events and follow what experts tell us to avoid contagion.”

Enmanuela Manicardi, who lives with her husband on the Majorera island, cannot hide her concern about the situation of her family in Italy. “They live in the red zone of coronavirus. I talk to them daily and they are fine but scared. I think that these measures should have been taken much earlier and not wait until the virus has attacked thousands of people around the world, “says Manicardi. This Italian woman assures that she strictly complies with the sanitary indications to prevent contagion.” than being disciplined. It doesn’t cost anything to stay a little isolated to avoid contagion. I did not go to the Corralejo carnivals nor am I going to the gym, as a closed space shared with more people, “says Manicardi.” I had a flight to travel to Italy and I suspended it before the ban on operating the planes. I hope all this nightmare ends soon. “

Gianluca Magnelli He is from Florence and has been in Fuerteventura for three years. It is in front of the Nueve Cinco establishment, on Lepanto de Corralejo street, one of the busiest by the Italian colony. He also shows his concern for his family in Italy. “There is a lot of concern there because people cannot go outside. Here we are fine, the sun keeps the virus under control,” says Magnelli with a laugh and, deep down, in a good mood, although without ignoring the concern.

Andrea Caverzan Y Francesco Lupi they dialogue in the annex of the Italian Bakery. They consider that there is a lack of information. “There are political and economic interests with the coronavirus alarm,” believes Lupi. “They have created a lot of alarm, but this is like the flu where many people die every year and they don’t say anything. Society is managed. They don’t tell us the truth.”

Both friends, who come from Florence and Venice, They also show their annoyance at the situation their country is suffering. “For our family, they are very scared and, in addition, they are not allowed to leave the country.

On the other hand, some 300 tourists from Italy went to the Fuerteventura airport yesterday, to demand flights back to their cities of origin and until now the only solution that the companies give is the refund of the ticket, reported yesterday Fuerteventura newspaperItalians, in addition to needing to go to their country, face the economic expense of staying on the island, although the group has already asked for help from its authorities.


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