Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma show that isolation works – La Provincia

The least populated islands of Canary Islands, and worse communicated with the rest of Spain, are giving a practical example these days that the isolation that has been asked of all the citizens of the country to stop the spread of the coronavirus works: andAmong the three they only add up eight cases.

In The iron (10,896 inhabitants) a single positive is still not detected, in La Gomera (21,794 neighbors) the cured patients (two) outnumber the sick (one) and in The Palm (83,971 residents) so far only five cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed.

These three islands have repeatedly warned of their double insularity, for which they always demand a different treatment: not only islands with respect to continental Spain, they are the periphery of an archipelago, the Canary Islands, to which the European Union formally recognized as territory “outermost” to all effects.

Preventive isolation

But in this case, it seems that condition is helping them. The president of the Canary Islands himself has highlighted it, Angel Victor Torres, this Thursday, when the archipelago accumulates 220 cases since the pandemic began, the majority in Tenerife (143) and Gran Canaria (55), both islands that are around one million inhabitants each.

Torres has given this example “with all caution”, because it is not known what the evolution of this health emergency will be in the coming days, beyond the fact that “a rebound is expected.”

But for the Canarian president, the situation at the moment in El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma shows that “isolation can contain this virus“and it is the same” that all citizens are being asked, what we all do: stay at home “


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