Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: El Cuys brings the work ‘Seven good men’ to social networks – La Provincia

The Foundation for the Performing Arts and Music of Gran Canaria, which manages the Cuyás Theater and the Insular Theater Room of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, continues to bring the theater closer to citizens through social networks during the state of alarm decreed by the central government for the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. From this Friday, the followers of the Cuyás Theater can enjoy free of charge of the recording of the work Seven good men, written by Juan Mayorga and represented as an absolute premiere on the premises of Viera y Clavijo street on February 7, under the direction of Rafael Rodríguez, of 2RC Teatro.

Rodríguez also starts the section ‘The scene at home’, a series of online interviews in which different representatives of the cultural sector of the Islands they will reflect from their homes on the performing arts future and culture in general.

In addition to this production, the play will also be shared on the Cuyás Theater’s social networks Mercy, the theatrical version of the novel by Benito Pérez Galdós produced by Prophets of Furniture Bar and the premises of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, within the framework of the Galdosian Biennium (2018-2020) with which the 175th anniversary of the birth and the first centenary of the death of the famous author from Gran Canaria is commemorated.

Also, you can watch the show for free Islazz, an intimate jazz concert with which the musician Yul Ballesteros pays tribute to the Canary Archipelago with a piece dedicated to each of the eight islands. Both productions add to the video already available from Moose, a political tragicomedy also written by Pérez Galdós, brought to the Cuyás scene in 2018 for the first time after its premiere in Madrid in 1914, this time by the company Drama Producciones and under the direction of Víctor Formoso.

The play Seven good men, written by the playwright and academic Juan Mayorga, was performed at Cuyás on February 7 and 8, as an absolute premiere. A text distinguished with the Second prize of the Marqués de Bradomín award in 1989, year in which it was written by Mayorga, who raises a reflection from fiction on the exiles who seek their way or cling to the memory of what they left behind, but who share the desire to return to their places of origin. With this proposal and with the staging of 2RC Teatro, one of the most prestigious contemporary playwrights in our country, author of titles such as Reykjavik, Darwin’s Turtle, Hamelin or The Wizard, returned to Cuyás.

With a cast led by Blanca Rodríguez and Miguel Ángel Maciel, along with Tony Báez, José Luis Massó, José Luis de Madariaga, Abraham Santacruz, Ruth Sánchez and Luis O’Malley. Those who embody a community of old acquaintances and new strangers who face the conflict raised by Juan Mayorga when the possibility of returning appears to the exiles, through subtle references that each viewer will be able to place in his own experience. Addressing ideas that maintain validity and absolute topicality, while inviting reflection on the struggle for an ideal or questions such as who are leading us and for what purpose, if they are clean and honest people or if it is possible to maintain hope when everything is lost.


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