May 30, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: Disa Foundation to provide computers, tablets and internet connection to 150 families in the Islands – La Provincia

The Disa Foundation, through agreements with NGOs Mojo de Caña, Canary Islands Red Cross and Children’s VillagesIt will provide 150 families in the islands with technological tools such as tablets and computers, as well as an internet connection if necessary.

As reported by the Disa Foundation This Tuesday in a statement, this first game is financed with an emergency aid line, initially endowed with 40,000 euros, to help minors from families with fewer resources continue to attend online classes from their homes.

The distribution of equipment and the procedures for internet connections It will be carried out directly by Mojo de Caña, the Red Cross and Children’s Villages, in order to try to manage these contributions as efficiently and quickly as possible so that the little ones can adapt and resume classes in a digital way after the holidays. Easter week.

Reduce the digital divide in the Canary Islands

According to the data published by the Canary Government Based on a survey carried out to find out the needs of the centers and of the students, it is estimated that a large number of families in the archipelago lack the necessary means so that the youngest can carry out their educational tasks in an adequate way on a daily basis.

Based on these data and the reality transferred to it by the entities with which it collaborates, the Foundation has wanted to contribute to minimizing the impact of this situation among young people, the note indicates.

With this action, The DISA Foundation aims to help reduce the existing digital divide among schoolchildren in the Canary Islands, providing them with the necessary tools to obtain a continuous and quality education, especially for those minors who are in the upper courses of the compulsory education system or Bachillerato.


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