Coronavirus in the Canary Islands | Chronology of the coronavirus in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

January 30: First case in Spain
The first case of coronavirus in Spain is confirmed in La Gomera. This is a German who had been in contact with the virus in his country

February 23: Protocol is reactivated
Health warns of a case of coronavirus in an Italian doctor who came to Tenerife in a group of ten people. The hotel where he was staying is isolated.

February 24: Three more positives
The direct contacts of the Lombard doctor, his wife and two friends are positive.

February 26: New case in La Gomera
A resident woman who travels to Italy between February 4 and 8 tests positive and isolates all her contacts, including nine elderly people who use a nursing home.

February 27: The ‘operation exit’ begins
The first tourists leave the H10 Costa Adeje Palace, which remains in quarantine.

February 29: Another Italian from the group
One of the Italians in the initial group tests positive and raises the number of those affected to 5 to 5.

March 2: A British Hotel
A British woman who stayed inside the hotel due to quarantine tests positive in one of the tests carried out before she leaves the hotel.

March 4: The negatives begin
The resident of La Gomera tests negative in two consecutive tests and discharges. It is the second negative in the Islands, after the German

March 5: First case in Gran Canaria
On March 5, three cases were discovered in the Canary Islands. One in La Laguna, another among the first group of Italians and, for the first time, one in Gran Canaria. The British gives double negative.

March 6: Six more cases
The outbreaks of Gran Canaria and La Laguna add five more cases, to which is added a positive in Santa Cruz.

March 7: Four more confirmed
Three of them were diagnosed on the island of Tenerife and others, for the first time, in Fuerteventura.

March 9: Two Dutch tourists test positive for coronavirus in Gran Canaria

March 10th: An Italian who is on vacation in the south, a new case of coronavirus in Gran Canaria

March 11th: Seven new positive cases of coronavirus in Tenerife


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