August 8, 2020

Coronavirus in the Canary Islands: ‘Check the virus’, report on the health crisis in Out of Plane – La Provincia

Out of planeThis Thursday, starting at 22:00, will address the progress of the pandemic and its economic and social consequences when the Canaries begin to break the virus. The program will begin its broadcast with a report under the title‘Check the virus‘, a game that will give the canaries victory.

In the report it will be highlightedprofessions such as garbage cans, cleaners or delivery menthat were considered last in the ranking but are now proving essential. It will also reflect the increased activity of NGOs to help the most vulnerable as well as the work of scientists working against the clock to find a vaccine.

The program will analyze the serious economic crisis expected in the islands, in addition to the situation of tourism, the most affected sector, together with the negative effects on area companies, the impact on jobs related to this activity and theCanary Islands planto reverse this situation.

Throughout the debate, with specialist social networkers and direct connections with experts, the last hour of the evolution of the health crisis in the Islands will be discussed, as well as the lack of confidence and the horizon of a return to normality.

On the other hand, it will deal, on the other hand, with what the world will be like after the virus and what impact the expected changes will have in the field of technology, social treatment, the economy or globalization.


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